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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


so, i'm really behind on my blogging and internet going's on and my bloglines feeds because i've been on vacation (and yes i do intend to back-blog the details of my trip)...but i've just discovered Nordstrom's Silverscreen (that the rest of the blogosphere discovered about 35 days ago).

So here's the deal -- nordstrom's silverscreen is going to release a new remixed 80's video EVERY month for the next 12 months. and the video's are good!

check it out:
Culture Club - I'll tumble 4 ya
Go-Go's - Our lips are sealed

The hitch? The video's are remixed with a fashion show of clothes you can actually BUY. I'm serious, i think this is great. I mean, so many video's are a fashion show of clothes you *can't* ever dream of owning.

So, net-net...I'm totally into this.

On another random note -- isn't this the worst outfit ever?
amber tamblyn

Mark Sullivan/ --> Fashion Police