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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On the Road 

I'll be travelling for the next 5 weeks! I'm going to relocate to San Francisco as my "home-base" during my travels, along with my pup Abbey Road. Here's the plan:
Wed Feb 24: Fly to CA, relocate to San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Sat Feb 27: Fly to New Orleans, LA for Rachel & Chris' wedding!
Mon Mar 01: Fly back to CA
Wed Mar 03: Fly SFO-CDG(Paris)-TelAviv! In Jerusalem for ~4 days.
Mon Mar 08: Fly to Amman, Jordan. In Jordan for ~5 days
Sat Mar 13: Fly to Cairo, Egypt. 1.5 days in Cairo = Pyramids! Camels! Oh My!
Mon Mar 15: Fly to Paris - 1 day in Paris
Tue Mar 16: Fly to CA, in CA for ~3 days hopefully skiing one day!
Sat Mar 20: Fly to Kona, HI - 7 day yoga retreat, followed by 2 days of beach.
Mon Mar 29: Fly to SFO
Wed Mar 31: Fly to SEA - back to sea!!

This really should be in a tube -- maybe i'll update it.

I'm really excited for some adventures, relaxation and mind-clearing!