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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Bridal showers and tagging up 

Bridal showers have a few traditions (outside of lots of silly games about the bride and groom). One tradition is to save the bows from the gifts to create a bouquet that the bride carries during the rehearsal.
Recently, this has become a problem. Every bride registers at Williams-Sonoma. Every package is wrapped in this awful *tan* colored gross-grain ribbon. The result is a bland, unexciting collection of bows. how mundane. WS should offer multi-colored bows! WS is a monopoly though, so they don't have to.

For some reason i crave anonymity. This is self torture. I'm never going to get this. I am one of those people who will walk into a train station at 2 am on the French/Spain border and run into someone i know. Tonight i went to a Giant's game for my friend Hillary's husband's 30th birthday. I've never hung out with Hillary's gang (who are all wonderful people) but out of a group people: i work with one, i went to grade school with one, and i went cubing with one in college. There were a couple of standard cross-overs (went to grad school with a friend, works at a related company, knows friend of friend etc.) as well. For some reason this type of stuff has started to spook me a little bit.