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Saturday, June 28, 2003

challenge: how long can i survive... 

without my cell phone.
I left my cell in a co-worker's car yesterday (i think i was just soo excited to get out of the car after being in it through 2 hours of horrifying LA traffic -- made worse by the fact that we took a ridiculously long "scenic" route back to the office)... on top of this i missed my flight home because of a bomb threat that caused chaos at the airport -- it took me 45 minutes to get from Hertz to my flight, which meant i got there 29 minutes before my flight was to leave and at which point united no longer accepts passengers. really i'm not bitter.
anyways, i've decided to try surviving for 3 days (which include a weekend mind you) without my cell phone. i think it will be ok, it's just that cellphones are so damn convienent. Here's a picture of my MIA phone:

I'm slightly tempted to go out and buy this phone which has the built in camera...but it isn't quite as sleek as mine and i'm willing to wait a bit for the next version.

UPDATE: i survived. living without a cellphone is possible, but really, really inconvient. i don't think i'd do it again. but for experimental purposes this was good.