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Sunday, June 08, 2003

note to self: never be a nag... 

so once again i ended up at antonio's nuthouse wearing flip-flops and hanging out with the boys. one of the guys just broke up with his "non-girlfriend girlfriend" -- who we all kinda liked -- because she was a nag. Why are girls so bothered by the littlest things? a discussion ensued. the key highlight: don't be a nag. little things are little things and guys just don't think that way. I have to agree. I tend to think that generally guys and girls approach problems differently, but the nagging thing is just one of those habits that women have been affiliated with. i think a lot of women do this because they don't have an outlet -- partially because they've put everything into their relationship -- so they need all of their partner's attention and when they don't get it they get frustrated. the solution? for most women, just talk to them. for me, it is has always been about letting the little things go, and when there's a problem, consolidating issues and addressing them systematically. but that's me.
dave drilled it into my head. chris agreed. nico nodded. i promised: i will never nag. unless of course, i want the relationship over (this was agreed upon as a sure-fire strategy).