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Saturday, June 07, 2003

stop! you didn't stop!  

Just now when i was driving back from the store a woman yelled at me because i didn't stop long enough at the stop sign before turning right onto the street where i live. She was belligerent and a bit scary. I thought there was a possibility she was going to run after my car and continue her tirade when i parked at my home. she did not.

however, her yelling bugged me because i feel strongly that what is most important about driving is *being aware.* When it comes to stopping at a stop sign, i think the relevant thing to do is assess the situation: are there people around? children playing? cars coming? cars stopping?
the answers to these questions should guide your action.
I always do this, then i "clear my alleys" -- check each intersection and make sure they are clear of trouble, and then, i proceed.

The thing is, this doesn't always take three seconds. When it does i'll stop, look look look and sometimes look more to assess the situation, but in many cases, i'm clear to proceed after a mere stop. I believe that i should be able to do this. I think the 3-second stop rule doesn't work to make people better at assessing the situation, but rather make them better at following the rule. This woman has clearly lost sight of why we had the rule in the first place: safe driving. I'm a good driver, and i'm safe on the roads. I know when to stop, and for how long to linger. let me be.