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Sunday, July 06, 2003

dog days of summer  

too many dogs
there's an extra dog in this picture...thanks to wes for taking it.

things i've learned about dogs:
* the dog park is a SCENE. people brought beer. there were 16 dogs there. as the new kid, i didn't yet fit into the social structure. i think there's some sort of sniffing peeing initiation ritual.
* dogs fart
* dogs don't know what's your space and their space
* dogs sniff everything
* dogs pee on things, but don't give a damn about fire hydrants
* dogs chew on anything. should they be chewing on bark? won't they get splinters? apparently not.
* walk your dog. it is important to tire dogs out. it will make you happier because they will be tired and lazy and sleep. i think people who have dogs must be healthier for all the walking.
* finding legal places to take your dog off leash is essential. i highly recommend Pulgas Ridge -- 16 acres of off-leash trail fun.
* dogs and horses don't like each other. Dogs are scared of horses because they are significantly bigger than a dog. So they figure they should attack (because you know, that's the smart thing to do when faced with someone oh, 4 times your size). Horses are scared of dogs because, well, horses are skittish and are scared of everything. How do i know this? i came across two horses when i was walking the pups in woodside (i was trying to find the upper windy hill entrance which i have never found *sigh*). When we came across the horses, i had the dogs off-leash. this was, uhm, bad. It worked out, but i got the feeling (from the stares of the riders) that this could have been a very nasty scene and that we had just miraculously escaped.

tomorrow is my last day with the dogs. it's been fun to have them around, but i have to say, i'm relieved to be returning them. i think nick will be happy too, he's been feisty today, i think he misses Kassie & Luke.