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Thursday, July 10, 2003

get well cards 

one of my favorite people is really sick. no one knows whats happening or why. i've been wanting to write him a card to let him know i'm thinking about him, but everything i want to write sounds so sappy and insincere. "i hope you feel better, this sickness stuff sucks" just doesn't seem to cut it -- esp. when this sickness stuff might not get better. and i don't want to write something like "i know you'll be ok" or "this will pass and you'll be fine" because the reality is that it just might not be ok. so how do you convey to someone that you care without seeming trite? i'm still not sure. in the end i wrote the only thing i felt i could write -- a short note that said i didn't know what to write, that i was inspired by his spirit and tenacity (jeez is that the right word?) (i am inspired by him), that i didn't want to be sappy and that i cared and was here.
now i just need to find a stamp.