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Monday, November 03, 2003

i love these socks 

there are many things worth loving. socks do not typically make that list.

They don't even make the really, really long list. however, smartwool socks are different. these socks are special. These are the socks that i wore when i lived in Minneapolis in College. I swear, these socks saved my life. On an average winter day, there's just a chill to the air. It's not really "cold" but there's this lingering "brrrrrrr" to be had. So you put on wool socks, but they make your feet sweat. And they stretch out. But smartwool socks are different, they fit snugly -- but not too snugly -- around your foot. They let your foot breathe. You can wear these socks all day long, all night and your feet will never overheat or get tired. These socks just rock!