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Saturday, December 20, 2003


i am now in arenal, and i am here to see the volcano....but instead, it is covered in rainy mist and well its likely that my three days in arenal will end without a lava siting.... sigh. also, spending three days in arenal is probably a mistake, this town ¨la fortuna¨ is well least when its covered by a volcano!! my plan for today is to catch up things, then tomorrow i am going horseback riding up to the mountain...i.e. the mist, and then in the afternoon i will do the hike up to the crater and to the waterfalls...the following day i am going to spend ¨relaxing¨ at the Tabocon resort....soaking in hot springs and being pampered with my massages and what nots...we shall see how it goes... i´´m a might worried that there´´s no action in this town.

in monteverde i met some wonderful people and had a great time, so it was sad to see it go away... and to arrive here in this overcast town...oh my....where is the sun? i need sun!!