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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

flight to costa rica  

i decided to take the earlier flight out of SJC so that i could have breakfast with my friend Brooke in PHX. this caused more chaos than i would have thought -- they booked me on an earlier flight to costa rica which is not what i wanted -- but in the end it all worked out and i got on my flight and had breakfast with brooke and got to see her lovely home. it was fun to be in AZ too -- i haven't been in so long.

i slept every moment i had on my flights, completely and totally -- i was toasted from the all-nighter i pulled getting ready to leave. i got inot San Jose, CR and got a taxi to my hotel. the hotel was like an oasis. it reminded me of arriving at the YWCA in india. All this chaos around you and then arrival at a little oasis covered in sparkling lights. In india they had these beautiful star lights, here it was just hundreds of festive lights and holiday decorations. in the middle of what would otherwise be a fairly dark and dank road. the hotel was wonderful -- my room had a santa stocking on the door. all the little touches. staying in nice hotels is totally worth it. the interesting thing for me is that travelling alone i'm being more reflective and calm -- and planned. i sometimes feel like i've got too much planned -- but then i like that too...but its something to think about

now i'm in manuel antonio at Villas Nicolas. the place is adorable and my room is really a mini apartment complete with a VIEW of the ocean -- truly lovely. everything is warm and cozy here...and i feel relaxed already.