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Sunday, December 21, 2003

horseback ride to volcan arenal 

i went horseback riding this morning, in the rain. it was actually fun, and a bit chaotic... we took a route from across the hotel, and then through the hillside farms and into the jungle. the trip came with all the fun stuff (augmented by the rain), including a tromp through a few rivers, hiking (well the horse) up stone covered pathways, and forging through mud a foot deep. it was an experience. i started by asking¨"is it western or english" but it wasn´t either -- it was pure country! the horse had its own mind as we walked, stumbled, and cantered along. we got as close to the volcano as is safe -- but sadly it is still covered in mist... and we discovered a gorgeous lake-gorge that was covered with blooming purple water lillies. orchids and birds abounded.

all in all it was quite an experience. very invigorating, although i´m not as sure that the horses loved it as much as i did, which was the one significant downside.