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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

kayaking in the mangroves  

i´´ve got some time to kill and a decent internet connection '-- so here goes a blast of blog updates. i´m going to try and date them to the day that they actually occured but well...i don´t generally know what day it is lately so that may be more idealistic that true!

so on weds i had a wonderful day in MA. i went kayaking in the mangroves near damas island. i love to kayak '-- its a great relaxing workout and you get to commune with nature in a subtle way. the mangroves were very cool.
iguana tours kayak

the funny part of the day (outside of the traditional me falling out of the kayak while trying to lean back and then quickly to the side to snap a picture of a white faced monkey) was the newlywed couple that was on the trip with me. oh my were they a riot. the two of them were in a joint kayak -- but had never kayaked together before...and they kept on arguing and getting stuck. what should have been a 3 hour kayak ended up being almost 4 because they kept getting turned around and going backwords or literally getting stuck in shallow water.

after my wonderful morning kayak, i took a nap and a shower and a short swim, then i went over to SiComoNo to watch the sunset. i had a lovely coconut cocktail, watched the sun go down and then headed over to the Sea Glass Spa for a massage and papaya body scrub and mini'-facial. i´m on vacation, right?
spa treatments

the spa treatment was pretty good, i wouldn´t recommend my masseuse (an older white man who introduced himself as ¨thomas¨ but who i´m sure used to be Tom) but the woman who did my body wrap and mini-facial was amazing. Her name was liz and i thought she was great. the look and feel of the place was neat as well.