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Sunday, December 21, 2003

la fortuna waterfall 

la fortuna waterfall
went to the la fortuna waterfall yesterday, it was very cool. literally. the waterfall was stronger than usual because of the rains, so we were pretty soaked from it...which was refreshing, all of costa rica is refreshing just has a fresh outdoorsy feel to it.
my friend lia and i decided to taxi in and hike / walk back -- a very good idea. the waterfall was prettty amazing and the 200 meters of steps back out from it were equally thrilling (should have spent more time on the stepper!)...the fun part was that on the walk back we were followed by this little black dog who we´d been seeing around town. he walked with use for awhile until we stopped in a shop and he decided to stay in the shop -- since it was raining outside -- yes we were walking in the rain. its amazing how useful plastic ponchos really are.

after the waterfall we met some friends for the traditional dinner of rice and beans (costa rican food is NOT exciting), and then went to the Baldi hot springs for some evening volcano watching (in this case cloud watching) and some R&R. Baldi was pretty nice, and much cheaper than the Tabacon hot springs ....