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Monday, December 22, 2003

rest & relaxtion  

today i am doing nothing. which for me is hard because i like to be planned and have a schedule, and all things considered, some people will probably think that todays plan is really a schedule... but anyways, for me it gives me the mental space of not having "plans" anyways, i´m heading over to the Tabacon Hot Spings as soon as i post this for a bit of R&R -- a week ago i would have said much needed R&R, but now that i´ve been on vacation for a week i can´t really say that! i feel relaxed, i feel content, i feel energized. i really do love the outdoors! but today, i am focused on my other passion: spa-ing. its an art really. i´m planning to enjoy a thai massage (no idea what that is, but i have had all the other types they offer and im trying to be adventurous) then a body polish and then some reflexology thing...all of this will be accompanied by soaks in their luscious hot springs and views of the volcano, which is still covered in clouds.

p.s. i´m posting the picture below as i thought it was funny and it has the hot springs in the background. You can read the story here.
larry the lizard at tabacon