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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

i don't believe you  

the magnetic fields have a new album out. I just heard one of their new songs on Launch (side note: i'm addicted to launch, i just became a "trendsetter" which i'm pretty proud of...but i digress...). Anyways, the new song is called "i don't believe you" -- and i think its hillarious. This amusement is further magnified for me because i was introduced to the Magnetic Fields by a boy that ended up being a pathological liar. There's irony in there! Here's a snippet from the lyrics:
So you "love" me
Well, stranger things have come to be
But let's agree to disagree
Cause I don't believe you
I don't believe you

anyways, hearing this song has been incredibly cathartic. The Magnetic Fields have a sort of wallowing, cynical romanticism that i appreciate. The songs are bitter, mean and loving all at once. Here's a snippet from the song that introduced me to them in the first place: 100,000 Fireflies

I'm afraid of the dark without you close to me
I went out to the forest and caught
A hundred thousand fireflies
As they ricochet round the room
They remind me of your starry eyes.