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Friday, June 11, 2004

kauai notes 

I spent four short, bittersweet days in kauai on a work-related trip. kauai is a beautiful, romantic, adventurous and multi-terrained island. the trip was at times wonderful, at times draining...overall i came back more relaxed then i left...perhaps with a bit more perspective and insight into myself and my relationships than i had wanted...below are my trip notes:

I stayed at the Kauai Hyatt Regency . This place was wonderful. The service was top notch, the rooms comfortable and the location on the southern part of the island exquisite.

- Tunnels (a near death experience) snorkeling.
- Finding a dead shark and eel on the lava rock beach
- Na Pali Coast hike -- thank god we didn't hike in the night! Marc tells me that he and his wife "accidentally" did this and that he literally fell off a cliff at one point and thought he was going to *die*.
- Helicopter tour - truly a wonderful way to see the entire island
- My luau dress (thus the customized yahoo avatar above)
- MCB's justin timberlake impression
- lots of mai tai's and one macallan 18

The radio sucks in Kauai. It's really horrible. At one point MCB actually selected a shania twain song as the "good" song! I heard Five For Fighting's "100 years" so many times it actually became the kauai song (as well as the hula version of somewhere over the rainbow). Not exactly a cheery island song.