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Saturday, July 24, 2004

2 to watch, 1 to miss 


hilarious Bush/Kerry cartoon video (click on "this land").
Source: JibJab


Funny comic about a guy stuck in an phonebooth trapped in concrete.
Source: Shigabooks

Absolutely avoid:

Annoying robot flick with a hot will smith.
Source: 20th Century Fox Entertainment

I tortured myself last night by making the mistake of going to see i,Robot. It was an awful movie; and i knew this immediately. How? Well, it starts out nicely with a semi-naked will smith, who's very buff in this movie, getting out of bed and showering like David (think sculpture) then dissolves into a commercial for Converse shoes. I kid not. At one point he literally *says* (in response to a question from his grandma) "These are vintage 2004 Converse All Stars. You know you want them." Oh my. It really didn't get any better. Yes, the graphics were cool. Yes, there were moments. But overall, it was really not a good movie. It was bad. The dialogue was sophomoric, the plot jumpy - why was there a cat in the house anyways??? i love animals, but who cares? not me! not me! not me! Avoid it if you can.

In order to recover, I'm posting two items that i read/watched this week and truly enjoyed (links above). Check them out. The Bush/Kerry video is just a riot. It will make you smile. The Fleep comic is creepy, intelligent and totally geeky (he does math problems whilst trapped). Enjoy.