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Friday, September 17, 2004

john john 

so, i'm voting for kerry. but i'm not sure why...
honestly, it is largely because i'm sick of W. I was an early Dean supporter, and I've never been 100% won-over by Kerry. I just can't stand another four years of W. Things like letting the assault weapons ban "just expire" infuriate me. but they also exasperate me. When it comes to Kerry, I know i should support him. I often joke that I'm a "traveler for kerry" -- as Bush's one great success has been to make the rest of the world wary of American's, a sad state for a traveler who likes to explore. But yet, even so, I don't find myself drawn to Kerry. I think it is because, as Phillip James noted, Kerry's a rambler. He talks in long, drawn out sentences, and he is, at times, overly academic. It isn't engaging... and it makes it difficult to find the "point" in what he's saying. I think this is a huge problem for his campaign -- I should be a strong supporter yet I'm not even that excited about the specific candidate! I'm more excited about getting rid of W -- a sentiment that seems to be widespread.
Anyways, I did find this quote from a guardian article compelling - notably the quote is from John Edwards:
"Everywhere in America, families sit at the kitchen table and divide the bills into two piles: one says 'pay now' and the other says 'pay later'. You're worrying that this week's paycheck won't cover last week's doctor's bill. That it won't cover the mortgage and the college tuition bill."