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Monday, September 13, 2004

trinkets & treasures 

From left to right: Jess, Anna, the cindy sign, jb, vignetta, me, sean, chris, steve. circa 1993.

as part of my move to seattle i'm consolidating all the junk i own... it's not an easy process as i am quite the packrat... here are a few notes on things found:

above: picture of my friends from school (and today!)
tossed: jr. high / high school rolodex...did everyone have a rolodex in HS or was I the only neurotic one?
kept: kings quest I-IV guide/introduction books. these things were a serious part of my computer life!
found: blue glass bracelets from my 1987 trip to india.
donated: plastic french fry "fashion" earings. never worn and not sure what i was thinking...
treasured: panda bear pin from their 1984 visit to the SF zoo.
gifted: little caesar's "pizza pizza" guy - i know she'll thank me before she tosses him into the trash...
washed: now-vintage "freshjive" t-shirt
reading: my copy of the "APT" - the American Political Tradition...