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Sunday, November 21, 2004

ferret freedom 

I just went to PetCo with my pup to get him a new leash. I've been wanting to get one of those zoomy leashes so he can run ahead without pulling my arm out of the socket. It seemed like a good thing, but I had no idea that the leash i wanted was so dangerous! According to the multiple pages of safety documentation that came with it I am now running the risk of finger amputation, arm/leg burns or cuts and i'm generally on the edge of potential hazard...

anyways, the thing that caught my eye while leaving petco was the prominently displayed ferret magazine:

aside from the obvious humour of a ferret in a cornacopia basket, the headline: Annual Holiday Gift Guide captured my attention. Ferrets are illegal in California, so the idea of shopping guide for an illegal pet really caught me as funny.

The article piqued my curiousity, so i decided to check out the current state of affairs in ferret-land. I turned to the Californians for Ferret Freedom website... er that's Ferret "legalization" not Freedom... but anyways, it turns out that there's been quite a bit of activity on the ferret front! Recently, DaGovernator vetoed a Ferret Freedom bill: "I am returning Senate Bill 89 without my signature. I love ferrets. I costarred with a ferret in Kindergarten Cop. However, this bill is far too bureaucratic and it legalizes ferrets prior to conducting an environmental impact report (EIR)...(full text here)"

I love that Arnold mentioned his costar in his decision to reject SB 89. Anyways, looks like there is more to be done on the Ferret Freedom Front. Here are some additional resources, should you decide to become an impassioned ferret supporter (or if you secretly own a ferret and are looking for resources):

Californian's for Ferret Legalization

Free CA Ferrests!
Ferrets Annonymous
Modern Ferret Magazine
Ferret Magazine (clearly less modern than the one above, but published the shopping guide).