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Thursday, November 04, 2004

thursday rituals.... 

today is a day of rituals. My morning began with a wonderful workout at the proclub, in their theatre room. This room is kept dark and i swear at 7am when you are just waking it is the perfect way to workout in a semi-sleepy state and transition to the beginning of the day. After my workout I spent 15 minutes in the steam room -- it's important to open and cleanse those pores! Then a brief spin in the hot-tub before getting ready for work. Meanwhile, my car was getting detailed by their onsite car wash. It was fabulous!

Work has been fun, I spent part of the day in a product development training. We had a competition, and my team's product was really spot-on *and* cool. I swear, putting a little thought into what the product looks like makes a ton of difference.

Tonight I have my precious thurs. eve ritual - the apprentice with the music team. Although today will be even more special as we'll also be watching the season premier of the O.C. woohoo. my pop-culture needs will be fully sated by the time i head to bed.

I think creating rituals when you move to a new place are essential. my thursdays have definitely become my "core" day to refocus, reboot and re-energize.

on another note, i think this picture is cool:

Photo Credit: Seth Coe-Sullivan, 1st place winner
Nikon International Small World Competition

The picture is of: Quantum dot nanocrystals deposited on a silicon substrate (200x)Polarized reflected light...