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Monday, November 01, 2004

vote early and often.  

Please vote.

Update: UGH. I just took the elevator home to my apartment and overheard a trio discussing the election. They were saying how it didn't matter who you voted for OR who won. Their quote? "Herman Muenster could win and it wouldn't matter. We won't have peace."

Ok, I will give them that -- we will probably not have peace in the near future, if ever. Things in Israel are off-the-hook bad...the situation in Iraq is messy, at best, and the world's greatest terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, is still on the run...but this election is important. and WHO you vote for is important. Why? Healthcare. Jobs. Foreign Policy. and...Supreme court seats. With a republican congress (which is the way things are looking), and Bush's "screening" of elligible candidates, I am seriously concerend about the type of individual that he would place on the court. Given that this is a *lifetime* appointment, risking a bad placement isn't an option.

So, let me amend my statement: Vote. Vote Kerry.

I may not be the most enthusiastic Kerry supporter, but i do think a vote for John Kerry is the right thing to do.

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