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Monday, December 27, 2004

15 is the new 20.  

JB and i went to dinner tonight at Osteria. It was a good dinner, nice wine and hearty food -- which we needed to battle the cold, wet california weather. At the end of dinner, we got the bill and discussed the tip. JB decided that we should tip 15%. Lately, like many people, I've been tipping 20% on average.... but after some discussion, we agreed - that 5% hasn't brought an a notably improved level of service and with the price of food increasing, thus the bill increasing, thus the tip in actual $ increasing, there isn't a need to go to 20%. So there, we're decided, 15 is the new 20. I am sure I will be getting flames on this one, Jeeves.

Update: An article on holiday tipping. very useful.