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Saturday, December 04, 2004

my eyeball 

i debated not posting these pictures to my blog, since well, they could be perceived as being a bit graphic / gross. but well, i just think they are so interesting!

scoop: i went to get my vision checked at the bellevue vision clinic (thanks vladka for the tip). It looks like i'm becoming near-sighted from all my time on the computer. yikes! My doc has prescribed reading glasses so that we can maybe correct it....we'll see. (bad pun... i know).

anyways, what impressed me most was the technology! all the tests they did were automated and produced really accurate results -- and there was so much data! One of the cooler things was that they actually took a picture of my retina -- thus the creepy picture below. I recommend clicking on the picture and seeing it on Flickr -- as i've posted notes on the picture to highlight some of the cool details.

retinal photo 2