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Monday, December 27, 2004

review: SF Ballet Nutcracker 

Source: San Francisco Ballet, Nutcracker 2004

I saw the new nutcracker tonight (SF Ballet, War Memorial Opera House) after my friend, Minnie, said I "had to" go. She was right -- it was *AMAZING*. The SF Ballet completely redid the set, costumes and choreography and it was just magical. Typically my favorite dance is that of the Sugar Plum...with all of her wonderful dancing flower-like-ladies-in-waiting. But this time i found the duet of the Land of Snow to be pure magic. I kept wondering why they didn't slip on the snow-flakes -- they just seemed like hazards! The lighting made everything glow and the sets were subtle giving full attention to the beauty of the dance. The SF Ballet did a wonderful job of mixing in classic, balanchine-esque choreography (perhaps better said as just purely classical patterns) with vibrant, cirque-de-soleil type color and costumes. I just loved it! I think I had a smile on my face for most of the show. It was really a delight. I have to stop gushing!

Anyways, it could also be that the evening was framed by syncing up with two of my favorite couples. Before the show I stopped by Adam & Rox's for champagne and cheese/grapes. It was lovely to see them although it was much too brief (i think i had all of 33 minutes to spend - i really need to plan my time in CA better). After the show I synced up with my friends Oliver & Maya. We went out for post-ballet drinks. Oliver & Maya are my "new" friends from Seattle, but Maya grew up in SF so she's home for the Holiday. They also saw the Ballet (and loved it too). We marveled at how rainy SF is right now. It was pouring after the show -- and really in seattle you get more of a drizzle. It was nice to spend some quality time with M&O, and getting to see them in SF as well as Seattle was a nice treat.