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Saturday, January 29, 2005

good stuff on tv 

This last week at work has been pretty crazy. So i've needed some good, mindless entertainment to balance my mental overdrive. I'm pretty much a Go-Go-Go person, so finding downtime is hard for me. This week I've turned to the TV for a few hours of pre-recorded drama and humour. My DVR gave me 3 great shows:

The Broken Hearts Club
This was a sweet movie about a group of gay men in LA. Seriously a heartwarming romantic comedy that looks deeply and truthfully and relationships, love and friendships. Sweet, romantic, and funny -- without being annoying about gayness (aka Queer eye..)

Kumars @ No. 42
A BBC show that is hilarious -- it's about an Indian family that builds a soundstage for their son to host his own TV show. The show's been a big hit in England apparently and according to The Custard TV Guide: "
In August 2002, the format of The Kumars At No 42 was sold to US network NBC in a £6m deal. It will feature a Mexican family rather than Asians; a Los Angeles suburb, rather than Wembley. German TV has also shown an interest – its version would feature a Turkish family. "

Goodness Gracious Me
Imagine Saturday night live -- for and by Indians. It's the perfect television show for ANY Indian ABCD or BBDC (American Born Confused Desi for my non-indian readers). I laughed for the entire show -- a deep laugh due to how easily I could relate to this show. I feel like i have LIVED half of the shorts. (Sheila: you have to watch this show!)

On another note, I also decided to spruce up my Netflix movie list so that I am actually taking advantage of this service that I PAY for... and spent some time flipping through their site. I am using their new "friends" feature (I was part of a the beta group via a friend actually) and I have to say I think the friend feature is a bit creepy.

It shows the movies recently watched by your friends -- that you are connected to. So for me, it would show that I haven't watched any new movies lately because I have not rented or rated anything new. Do I want people to know this? Do I want them to know that I recently spent a weekend watching "But I'm a cheerleader" AND "Bring It On?" ... and did I really need to know that my parents (who are my friends on netflix) watched "Babe" and gave it 5 stars while they watched "Best In Show" and only gave it 3 stars? I feel compelled to call my mom and talk to her about her rating system (and my perceived feeling that it isn't well-tuned...). This whole concept of being connected to your friends online is great -- but it also brings out these stalker-like instances. I feel like I know more information about people than I sometimes want to...and I also feel like via my blog, my pictures on Smugmug and Flickr, and the friends I'm connected to through these services (and things like Orkut, Spaces, and Friendster -- not to mention Dogster) present this skewed and yet, true, idea of who I am.

Crap. I'm 20 minutes late to pick up my friends for dinner. I better run -- but trust me there is more to come on this topic.