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Saturday, January 15, 2005

iced in the land of ports 

UPDATE (14:11): I am iced in. We put chains on my car and i drove the driveway circle, and uhm, my car slid around about 180 degrees and i think i hit the petunia plant. and uhm, so yeah, i'm going to stay the night.

I found this picture on Flickr that gives a good sense of the layer of ice that is covering parts of my car. I say parts because i spent a good 30 minutes pouring warm water and defrosting to get ice off of the windsheild and side of the car so i could make it "driveable."

Photo Credit: Freezing Rain by Shoseph.

I may be stuck in portland. Here's the weather report:

Freezing Rain in Portland.

and the road report (i may never get back to seattle...):
Road Reports from Katu.
I-5 - Numerous accidents on I-5 from MP 90.00 after 183rd Ave. to MP 95.00 before Exit 95 Maytown starting 10:07 AM, 01/15/05 until further notice due to rain and snow mixedFrom milepost 88 to milepost 96.

I'm here for a baby shower -- that has been postponed to tomorrow because of the ice. I'm supposed to go back to Seattle tonight. Right now my car is literally COVERED in a sheet of ice. I ice-skated my way to my car to check it out. I wish i were joking, but really i'm underplaying the severity of it all so that I can pretend that I may actually get home in the next 24 hours.