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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

random thoughts from 1.4.05 

Calculated Risks
Living life is about, IMHO, taking risks -- calculated risks.

What's the point of having great content or good information if no-one can find it? Building really good products isn't about making them cool by having the coolest feature set, rather it is by making it easy for the user to discover how to use the product and the key features. The element of "discovery" appeals to the adventurer in many of us.

Apple gets marketing
The new feature iMix this week on iTunes? Jennifer Garner's "Workout Mix." Damn, that's great marketing -- as this is going to be a HUGE week for Jennifer. She's got a new movie coming out AND the alias two-hour premier! And of course - a workout mix is perfect since who doesn't want to have Jennifer's tough body?

Home Buying
Is really, really time consuming.

Are the greatest social-scientific genetic experiement anyone can run.