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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


My morning begins with getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, surfing the net and checking e-mail. My home page is set to bloglines and it is my primary vehicle for net surfing. And so today, when i woke up and logged on, I saw the confirmation of the rumoured news -- Bloglines has been acquired by AskJeeves. My immediate reaction was this: hmmm, now this is interesting. When I think about where and how I use the internet, Bloglines and and Flickr (outside of search and email) are at the core.

Jeeves' acquisition is interesting because:
- they will keep it branded as bloglines
- they plan to leave it alone
- they realize it's a good thing
- they intend to data mine the hell out of it. yup. They've got a lot of data on me -- they know what I read, they know what I link to (via my blog and via my links that I also subscribe to) and they know which sites I subscribe to but don't always read...They know if I read something and then blog about it... hmmm....

UPDATE: my original image was of the box on the bloglines homepage that announced the acquisition. then i went to the Ask Jeeves blog and saw the logo above, and had to have it. I always say I HEART something. Because well, that's what i say on IM. Yep. (i insert a graphic though...). Oh, and btw, that image? It's hosted by flickr. yep.

Update #2: I decided to pull my predicitions.