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Sunday, February 06, 2005

dvr + superbowl 

the superbowl is today and i totally forgot about it. i'm really not a football fan, and so this day means only one thing to me: cool commercials. Typically I'll slog through the game just for the half-time show and the ads. but not this year! today i'm going out for a manicure / pedicure and then couch shopping with mike. While i'm out enjoying the day my dvr will record the game...and then when i get home and find out who won (i'm guessing the patriots...) by just flipping on the tv -- i'll be able to watch the game my way: speeding through the game to watch just the good commercials and the half-time non-peep-show (if it is worth watching).


other notes:

- arizona beat stanford at McKale last night (72-90) ending the streak (stanford had beaten AZ at home the last 4 times).
- my ipod shuffle has apparently shipped and should arrive on tuesday.