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Monday, February 14, 2005

happy valentines day... 

ahhh, love. sweet love. i'm posting some of my favorite pictures to share the wuv.

Timber brume

Photo Credit: Coba (via by Flickr)

Orion, night

Photo Credit: big empty (via flickr)

maldon sea salt

Photo Credit: micon (via flickr)

Another picture i really like can be found here:
A leaf in the canal (paris), by Jason Kottke (via

Oh, and here's one by mum snuck these into one of my boxes when my movers came to california to take all my stuff. i found them when i opened up one of my boxes -- 3 months later (because my stuff went into storage). it was really sweet. they were a gift to my parents for their wedding. My mum was pretty cute -- she said "they just need to be polished"...but i like the patina.