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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

life is random 


I got my ipod shuffle today. Unwrapping it I felt like I was opening a surprise gift. Which makes no sense -- since I ordered it two weeks ago and could see what was inside the box through the plastic window...but as usual, opening up a new apple product brings with it a certain sense of joy. So it was with "minx" (that's the name I gave my shuffle). It is sooooo light. The packaging is all green and friendly looking - but it kinda bugged me that the inside envelope says "Don't steal music" in 5 languages. I don't steal music, but I don't want to be told not to steal music and I always think positive messages (i.e. Support artists, buy licensed music) are better. The product itself is nifty, if a bit cheap looking. But who cares? I didn't buy this product to be an ipod. I bought it to be a replacement for my ipod in situations where I'd prefer not to bring my ipod because I wouldn't want it to get hurt. Like when I go to the gym or out running. Which I do, like everyday...hahahahahah.

Anyways, I plugged minx in and voila! I got a gift from apple -- 13 free songs in the form of the new iTunes music sampler. The songs were:
Blow It Out --- Features
All At Sea --- Jamie Cullum
Sunshine to the Rain --- Miri Ben-Ari
Lonely --- Akon
Golden Touch --- Razorlight
Every Time You Go Away --- Brian McKnight
Bigtime --- The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Laura --- Scissor Sisters
She Said --- Brie Larson
Jus Anotha Shorty --- O'Ryan
Sleeping With the Lights On --- Teitur
Reach Out, I'll Be There --- Michael McDonald
TKO --- Le Tigre

Three of my favorite songs (All at Sea, Laura and Sleeping with the Lights On) were on the sampler -- the Teitur (Sleeping with the Lights On) song was one I discovered last summer via iTunes. In general, I found the mix to be full of new, eclectic, fun music.

On another note -- I was listening to NPR this morning and they had a story about how the hubble telescope is being "killed." Basically, Hubble is falling apart in space and we have a few of options: (1) repair it by sending out a robot to fix it or (2) move to operating on two gyros instead of three or (3) let hubble fall into disrepair and out of service. Everyone wanted to "save hubble" (bumper stickers available here). I think it is interesting that hubble has taken on a life-like form in our culture -- everyone was referring to "saving the life" of Hubble or how "bush had killed" hubble by not funding repair "missions." Does a telescope have a life? I don't know -- it just seems like we have over-humanized this piece of machinery.