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Thursday, February 10, 2005


i'm home sick today -- which i'm putting out there only because i may be insane...but i've come up with a new word:

tren-do-li-cious (trĕn' lĭsh'əs)
something super cool and trendy - indicating it will be "trendolicious" for a short period of time.

This came to me when i got an e-mail (llama what?) from daily candy and after reading went to this website. The stuff on this site is soooo trendolicious.

thanks to maya for IM-testing my new word.

ok, back to bed.

Update: I think i have an idea why I may be feeling sickish lately (outside of the fact that everyone has been getting nasty colds lately): i think my new glasses aren't quite right. Vision is so important and my eyes are constantly refocusing and unfocusing which makes me feel like i live on a boat. good thing i had already booked an appt with my eye doc tomorrow.