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Saturday, March 19, 2005

it's like a blind date... 

my friend's, Andrea & Jenilee, bought the adorable house above. It's a "green" house -- meaning that is was built with an environmental conciousness that extends not only into the functionality of the house (water, heat conservation) but also in the products used (lots of recycled materials, scavenged wood). They were on TV last night -- it is one of the first green houses in Seattle. Of course, this being local TV, they both had great soundbites:
Jenilee "we bought the house"
Andrea "it's like a blind date" (context: as to how they picked it).
The piece was great and if i can get a digital copy i'll upload it here.

Congratulations Andrea & Jenilee!

On other notes, i'm pretty devastated this morning by Kansas's loss. I heart the Jayhawks. And Syracuse lost too! I had Syracuse beating from a bracket perspective that was significant. Actually, I had both teams going to the Elite Eight. *sigh* and Stanford lost too...(although much less surprising)...