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Friday, March 18, 2005

ladies w/ calendars 

ok, so one of the things i love about *some* of my friends is that they actually plan. this may sound like a small thing -- but it isn't. good planning (and execution) can make a difference -- and routinely does. i'm planning to go home in a few weeks to visit my family, see friends and hang out with my pup. It should be good times. However, 70% of the people i'll visit with don't have a schedule or plan. You can't ask them to do things in advance -- it's just too far away. But there are three very special women who i know have calendars and who i e-mailed weeks ago to set up drinks at La Bodeguita. I know they will be there, like clockwork. It's comforting -- esp. since i may now change my schedule and come a week earlier -- since they have a plan i can let them know and we'll rearrange. i like this.