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Friday, March 18, 2005

summer skiing 

thinking about calendars, brought me to my summer vacation plans...JB wants to go to Argentina or somewhere in South America to drink great wine and ski. yes, ski. it's winter over there and apparently a great time for skiing. I put the liklihood that we actually go pretty low...maybe 50%...esp. since i just looked at my "schedule" and well, i'm pretty booked in July. Laura's visiting over the 4th, my mum + step dad + the beast (aka the pooch) are visiting the following week -- and then the dog stays for a week! then, well, then harry potter book VI gets released and then i go to chicago to meet anna mae's new baby. phew. i'm tired already! should i go the following week to argentina? maybe, but then two weeks later i'm probably off to a conference in CA for work and then, since i'm there, i'll probably go to Echo Lake for a few days (again with the pooch).

but still, skiing in the summer? in argentina? with JB? it is pretty tempting. and kinda fun-sounding, i could pretend i was an adventurer or something (jb has this "romantic" -- romantic in the sense of the old movies where your car breaks down and the film is black & white -- idea that we'll drive from santiago to the mtns or something -- through the rain forest. i love the idea...)

here's a link to a place we may try:

UPDATE: Here's a pic from my last ski trip w/ Jeebs @ Squaw in...the last millennium?