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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


How many browsers does one person need? Well, lately i'm not quite sure that the answer is One...Right now i have four on my mac, three on my pc for a total of 5 brands:

Tagline: Take back the web. or Rediscover the web.

I downloaded firefox last spring and fell in love with tabbed browsing. I swear tabs changed my internet experience. I then got my mac, and realized that safari had been doing tabbed browsing for awhile...I also have to admit that I loved the speed of firefox and the logo. The logo is hot. I'm currently using the pimpzilla skin to liven things up.

Tagline: Mozilla power, Mac style. Could it get any better? or
Simplicity is something of infinite beauty.

This is my newest browser (downloaded today) so i have yet to mess with it much. It promises to be just like Firefox, but primed for my mac. This is exciting since I use the blogger interface on Mozilla (better tools via this browser format) over Safari (i typically blog from home on mac) but have found firefox to run slightly slower on my mac.

Tagline: A superior Web experience with outstanding performance. or
Your desktop is the new doorstop.

Ok, i love this browser. It works seamlessly on my mac and is generally speedy.

Tagline: Simply the best web experience.

I'm testing this one out purely for the ads (screenshot) they build into the browser. I think this is an interesting idea. Right now I think I look too much at the ads because i'm curious, otherwise, I would find them annoying and a waste of space. I get enough ads via the pages i'm looking at.

Internet Explorer:
Tagline: ?

I'm not quite sure that there is an IE tagline, but the value prop for v7 appears to be "security"... and apparently the beta will be available this summer. They really need a value prop here. Update: I just spent some time looking at the pages to figure out how to download the current version, and uhm, I can't find it. I see patches and updates -- but what if I didn't have IE pre-loaded on my computer? There's no easy download...I guess I can go to But everything seems to be targeted at the Service Pack download and not the actual app itself. That just seems weird. But then, who's really downloading IE?

For the nitty-gritty comparisons check out these links:
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Lois.Co.UK - Comparison shows what a single web page looks like in different browsers.
Browser Speed Comparison

At the end of the day, I'm using IE + Firefox/Safari (Firefox on my PC, Safari on my Mac). I use Firefox at work for all my personal stuff -- i open firefox and then immediately open up a tab for Gmail, my stock portfolio, bloglines, flickr and then i open up web pages from what i read in bloglines. Sometimes I open up a tab for news (usually or I do all of my work stuff on IE -- it promotes the idea to me that there is a "work" space and an "explore" space -- and that there's a seperation between the two...

Which browser are you using? why? I'd love to hear comments/thoughts on this. I know tons of people who've switched to Firefox because of the speed and their anti-evil sentiments, but really, i switched primarily for tabs. and then speed. Generally I don't use any of their special functionality (like RSS) -- although i do find the built in search box very handy.