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Monday, September 05, 2005

labor day productivity 

My sister came out for the weekend and we had a great time -- it is sooo nice to have family come and visit. She provided much needed perspective, comfort and fun. We were also insanely productive. Check out our tadalist:

Here's the quick rundown:
Friday - she got into town late, dinner at 5 spot then went to her friend's magazine launch party at the War Room. I bailed on the war room due to sleepiness, but sheils got to see her friend and check out the seattle scene. The Donna's were spinning -- plus her friends new zine - illicit - is HOT!

Saturday: Lazy morning, walked to Macrina Bakery around noon for brunch. Sheils then reorganized my study! It was awesome. That night about 14 people came over for a BBQ to celebrate that we didn't go camping...we cooked up smores, drank 8 bottles of wine and talked until 2am. It was lovely. Maya and Oliver brought their friends, Tonya & Jon, from the SF comedy/film group Killing My Lobster. If you are in SF, you have to check them out. Mike and Buddy put up lanterns in my tree -- something i've been wanting to do forever. It wasn't quite camping...but we were outside and there were marshmallows...I took a ton of pictures, which i intend to upload to flickr...but well, read the monday section.

Sunday: After a slighly hungover start, we went for brunch at the 5 spot with Matt and his wife (friends of my sis) and my very cool neighbors, Dave and Diane. Then it was off to bumbershoot and finally to dinner with the other Sheila in my life -- my friend Sheila Talwar. It was fun to have the two sheilas meet! We went out for ethopian at Queen Sheba. It was yummy. We then got lost trying to find the movie theatre to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (the remake) and ended up watching Born Rich at home. You've got to see this HBO edition of America Undercover.

Monday: Woke up and my mac was, uhm, dead. It wouldn't start. So we grabbed some bagels, and headed over to the apple store. There were 8 people in line with us and the store wasn't opening for another 30 minutes! Eventually we got to see a "Genius" and it turns out I need to have my hard drive my little powerbook is getting some R&R for the next fews days at the store while i try not to completely freak out about potential data loss. Then a quick walk around greenlake, cupckaes at Cupcake royale, a trip to Office Depot and Fred Meyer for more office supplies to complete the organization adventure. Finally, we hung up all the stuff in my bathroom that needed to be put up (like the towel ring and tissue holder...) and knocked a couple of holes in the wall before watching a few episodes of Sex and the City and finally dropping off my sis at the airport.

In the midst of all this, we talked a lot about New Orleans and the hurricane. We were and continue to be glued to CNN...and the grief, sadness and disappointment around this tragic situation. I think this pretty much sums up a chunk of our thinking.