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Monday, February 06, 2006

happy 85th grandma! 

My grandmother turned 85 today! and she's still cooking up trouble! My sister and i both sent her birthday greetings (well my sis sent her's first and reminded me to send mine!). Here's the screen captures:
#1 - Sheila (pic via isight?)

#2 - Me (sent via MSN Messenger, i went the full video interactive route -- to which my grandma said "oh but sheila sent me a picture" and i said "but i'm talking to you LIVE!")

Since my mom is the big blogger these should probably check out her blog for the updates: (aka moi and mine)...

note: <-- picture not taken by ichat removed 2/7/06 per comment below, and re-posted w/ permision per eml and updated as possibly from isight-->