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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Photos courtesy of CBS Sportsline.

There's nothing quite like the first day of the NCAA tournament. No matter how distracted I am, no matter what else is going on, when the tournament begins...there's a smile on my face. In the past I've worked from home on the 1st Thursday & Friday of the tourney -- i mean 32 games over two days??? Pure beautiful delicious goodness. Today, I tracked the games when I could via CBS Sportline and it has been fabulous:
- Boston College winning (woohooo! JB's screaming eagles!) in double overtime? Oh my.
- The classic 5-12 matchup loss with Nevada losing to Montana. I mean really, MT over NV. uh huh. you betcha.
- and those Vols! TN came through, but it was rough...
- Zig! Zag -- comes back in the last two minutes to WIN over Xavier -- phew! I'm sure there were a lot of relieved sighs on that victory...i know my bracket needed it!
- UCLA holding up the Pac-10 pride with a crushing victory over Belmont. Yes, Belmont? Who are they? Same folks who play with Southern is my guess ;-)

It's almost 7:00...and i've got to run to dinner and then a slumber party...but there's still the Washington game to see and the Duke's gonna be a good, good night...and tomorrow it starts with another 16 games including my beloved wildcats at 9:30 AM PST. BearDown Wildcats, BearDown! and of course, mad love to the Golden Bears. Grrr!