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Monday, March 20, 2006

britney spears + kevin federline !!! 

**breaking news**

Just got back from a fabu dinner at Valentino at the Venetian. Fabu because the food was great, the wine amazing and i saw Britney Spears + Kevin Federline!! No kidding.

Here's the scoop:
- In walks this guy with a not-so-recently shaved face, loose jeans, half-smile and that direct, "yeah, I know you want me" (but you don't) swagger.
- My table mates and I are in the midst of a fascinating discussion about religion, but i'm looking at this guy going, who is it? who is it? and then it hits me!! Kevin Federline. And i start to wonder, who's he with???
- Then he passes and right behind him is BRITNEY!! She looked so cute. Her hair a mass of short golden curls, she's smiling and happy, and she's got that life is good swagger going on. She was wearing a fitted brown sweater, tight jeans, makeup and hair that had to be done by stylist.
- They were followed by a bodyguard who took them to a private dining room and then left. Awww -- looks like they were having a romantic dinner.

Net-Net: Clearly they are together, figuring it out, "staying in the room" as my sis likes to say and enjoying each other. Good deal.

And did I mention that britney looked great?? She did!!!