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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


5 days in mexico can restore your soul.

- good margarita's
- boca bento -- yes, that's asian-latin fusion
- sunshine sunshine sunshine
- boat rides on blue ocean water with fishies and pelicans
- great friends (thank you alexia, kathy, laurel, dulcy and gavin)
- IM's with mum and sheils and jb
- a pink & green funicular transport thing to take us to our mountain villa
- crazy taxi drivers taking us back and forth from the pool to dinner
- watching the NCAA tournament with Spanish commentary

Before I went to mexico I had been caught in a wind tunnel. I truly couldn't see top from bottom. My heart was broken from my recent breakup. I had pretty much flipped out from the pain and intensity of it all. I had lost my sense of self. In mexico, thanks to all that sunshine, I was able to get recentered and forgive myself. I figured out that it is irrelevent if you forgive the other person or if they forgive you -- if you can't honor yourself. We've all got demons to slay, and I feel like i was finally able to slay a couple of mine. Breakups are hard things, and as this was with someone I had fallen in love with, I took it hard. But I'm ok, and next time I'll be that much fact next time, I'm going to immediately hop a plane to France (where I at least speak the language) for my R&R. :)