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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

dining room v3 

Thanks to my mum's visit, I finally bought a dining room table. I liked the japanese style floor seating i've had for the last year...but i really just needed a table to do projects on and, well, to eat with guests ... after much seeking and long debates over the correct size (i wanted 6 feet, one long smooth topped trestle table) and shape (round or square or rectangle) we finally decided to just buy a dang table. My biggest concern was getting a table that was too big and wouldn't fit into a smaller house should I ever have to downsize (aka move back to CA). We went to the antique store (this store is amazing -- 3 floors of wonderful stuff, hundreds of chairs, tables, buffets, thing-a-ma-bobbers) and tested out 5 tables and finally settled on a classic 3 foot square table with two 1 foot leaves (so 5 x 3) oak table. It has jacobian swirly legs that match the table from JB's mom. I still feel that it is a little bit smaller then i wanted, but i am really loving the practicality of it. What I really love are the chairs that we got to go with the table. They are "coordinated" (aka not matching) chairs in an art deco-ish style. Also oak, with these little circles on the top -- i love them. Plust they are sooo comfy.

Three phases of my dining room:



(yes, i'll update with a picture that includes the arch.)