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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lustig!! 

This last weekend I was home in CA for my friend Chris' wedding to the beautiful Alyse. It was AWESOME. First, chris is one of my all time favorite people - witty, charming and sarcastic as all hell. But you have to listen in order to get the jokes. He's that kind of funny. If you aren't paying attention you could miss the magic. Sad for you.

So the wedding...OMG. Such Fun. Highlights below.


The really good pictures are in a password protected gallery. sorry. but you can imagine the arms above the head rocking can't you?

Reconnecting with trouble-making friends:

Y&G may just live forever. Chip for Chaplain. You heard it here first. last. well a long time ago.

Seeing the boys continue to be boys:

Check out this picture of them from the 90's when they were young and pretending to be innocent: Boys @ the H20 Temple

Sean being sean:

He's so suave. He changed his tux. Yes, the jacket is velvet. A little gem he picked up in Paris. Really. You can't make this stuff up.

Check out the "public" gallery for more fun:
Chris & Alyse's Wedding