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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So, big news last week was that we launched the product i've been working on since I started at Microsoft:

Microsoft adCenter - go check it out and sign up!

It's been an interesting, winding, fun, inspiring road getting this product shipped...and to hear the team that's been on the product for the entire cycle reminisce about the original scrap of paper that started this project has been pretty fun. It's an important milestone for us, and I'm really proud of the work that the teams have done to launch! Now we jump into the next phase - continuing to respond to user needs, improving the product and delivering on our promise of next generation advertising. If you've got an idea, a gripe or just something you want to share about the product -- let us know. We're listening -- user feedback is an important part of our development process. You can get the lastest news on our team blog: adCenter411

Onto other news...I'm going to be back in California this week (starting weds) for a friend's wedding. I can't wait!!! Chris is marrying his sweetheart Alyse. awwww. I remember when we met Alyse in, of all glamourous places, Bakersfield, CA for a Youth & Government conference. Sometimes my wingette skills have a lasting result!

Plans for my trip are somewhat indeterminate at this point (i know! where have my over-planning skills gone?) but it looks like i'll be going to Lunch 2.0 , stopping by the plex on weds night, a benefit on Thursday night and likely in SF on Friday night. Yes, i'll be at the spa on Friday.... Ping me if you'd like to participate in some calendar magic.

other notes & favorites:
- the weather is great lately. seattle can be so pretty. I am wearing my all time favorite outfit -- sleeves rolled up on plaid button-down shirt (blue and grey), jeans, and my reef black flip flops. hair is twisted up. comfort is key.

- i've been listening to lots of new music - some of my faves:
Wraith pinned to the mist and other games - The sunlandic twins -- this song is on repeat! "let’s pretend we’re in Antartica"
Gotta Have you - The Weepies - i love the bridge in this song "no amount of coffee, no amount of whiskey..."
Could be Anything - The Eames Era - yes, it could be anything
Je Reviens - Autour De Lucie - love me some frenchy
All of these things that I have done - the Killers -- i never, ever get sick of this song. "i've got a soul, but i'm not a solider"
sascha - jolie holland -- you have to appreciate a folk song with a waltz beat. seriously.