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Friday, December 15, 2006

seattle storms = wind party 

so, we are in the midst of one of the most severe wind / rain storms to hit seattle ever. King 5 is all over the storm. I can't accurately describe the madness. There are trees blown over. There are loose electrical wires. There is rain. About 1 Million people don't have power. I'm one of them. It really has been madness.

It started yesterday, around 2:00 pm. I decided to avoid the traffic madness (some people were in traffic driving from redomd to seattle -- 14 miles -- for 3 hours). and go to a friend's house in redmond. While i was there the lights went out (luckily they have a generator) but then the trees started to fall down so I decided to head home before there was greater havoc and the 520 bridge closed! Yes! They closed the bridge!! Driving across it was pretty eerie. First, it was raining buckets. Second, no one was there! I guess everyone tried to avoid the traffic and went home early so for once i really benefitted from leaving work late. I picked up cuba from Sam and Steve (her god-dog parents). She loves them. Anyways, we camped out in the living room to watch the storm. At about 2 am my power went out (Cuba was pretty excited by this and barked at the lightning). It's almost noon and I'm still without power but my friend and co-worker Jenn has power so I'm over at her place. Cuba is loving it because she can play with Jenn's micro-dog tobey and their cat, Sam. They closed the microsoft campus so we are testing out the impromptu seattle office concept. My co-worker Gabe is at Tully's grabbing internet and power. Apparently they are doing brisk business while the starbucks across the street sits in darkness.

Anyways, i've got to get *some* work done. There's three of us here now - Jen, Leslee and me -- plus the menagerie. It's pretty cozy.

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Update: They are now saying that it might snow.

Update2: Some pictures (via King 5):