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Thursday, January 11, 2007

cuba libre 

sleepy cube

So, last June I got a dog. And by dog I really mean a micro-dog. A morkie to be exact. What is a morkie…well, let the Cuba FAQ explain it all!

Yes, that’s her name. We have a history in my family of naming our pets after locations. And she’s small, so a small name seemed appropriate. But she’s tough. So this one really fit. As far as I know, she isn’t a communist…but when she’s bad, I call her Fidel. Boys tend to call her Cuba Libre. Lately I’ve been calling her muffin. My family calls her “the morkie” and my office mate called her the “micro-dog.”

Yes, she’s a morkie. That’s a Maltese – Yorkshire terrier mix. Which means she’s a scruffy little mutt.

How big is she?
Well, she’s small. Really small. When I got her she was barely 2 lbs. She’s since DOUBLED in size since then to almost 4 lbs! She’s pretty much going to stay this size. It’s like she’ll be a puppy forever.

Does she have a job?
Yes. She’s the official morale generator for my team. She loves coming into the office and provides joy and humor for everyone.

What’s it like having a micro-dog?
It’s ridiculous. She has hair – not fur, so she actually gets cold and needs sweaters. She loves to go on long walks – but she’s slow. She sniffs everything. And she doesn’t really walk, she kinda hops and traipses and frolics. She provides constant amusement. And she never really barks or yaps – she’s not that kind of dog. The best part is that because of her size she can travel with me pretty much anywhere. We’ve been to California 4 times already. She loves brizzie. Everything brizzie does, she wants to do. It’s hilarious.

Net-net: she’s awesome. She may be small, but she’s all love and sweetness and a lot of cuteness.

cuba libre