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Thursday, January 18, 2007

frozen tankini's and some other things about 2007 

I promised to blog on thursday's. I'm going to add to that promise: I won't blog about the weather or my dog on thursdays after today. They are easy back-up posts -- as we all saw, Cuba is incredibly cute and ridiculous ( you should see the videos...) and well, I can talk about the weather for hours. Really. Now mind you, seattle has been having some interesting weather this season...but even so, linking to photos of snow, wind and power outages aren't the best blog fodder.. so on that note, here's my final thursday blog post with a bit on the weather.

So...I decided to do a Triathlon. Not just any triathlon, but an olympic-distance triathlon in Maui at the beginning of June. I'm *so excited*! I've done two sprint tri's before ... but i was honestly not sure I was in the right shape to do an olympic distance triathlon. Which, being a goal-oriented person, meant i had to do it. So I signed up via Team In Training and I start officially training in February. In order to prep, I've been swimming twice a week at the pro club. It's so much fun to be back in the pool. On Monday, I pulled my tankini out of my swim bag. I guess it had been a little bit wet from the last time I had swam. And it has been cold. Very cold. Well. My tankini was now FROZEN! Yep. What's a girl to do but swim in her frozen tankini? I had to shake out frozen bits from my swim cap too. Ah, the fun of training in a non-temperate weather zone.

Triathlon's weren't the only thing I've decided to tackle in 2007. I don't really make new year's resolutions, but i do pick focus areas. So what are my focus areas? Well, one is going to be my diet. I'm not going raw or any of those crazy things, I just want to eat good combinations of mostly organic, whole grain real foods. And lots of avocados. And blueberries. Maybe some papaya. And bacon. Always bacon... I'm also focused on optimizing my living spaces. My house is great. But now I want to tackle the outdoors. I'm going to completely revamp my yard space. I'm soooo excited. Expect at least one post on gardening. Finally, I'm going to launch at least one of my side projects this year. I can't wait. I'm so excited for 2007. So far, it's been awesome. Best year ever!