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Sunday, June 24, 2007

travel tune hell 

right now, i am buying music on iTunes that i already own.

Well, ok, some of it is new -- specificaly this new order/ bizarre love triangle/ remix is new -- but the other songs, i so own them!


So why am I doing this? Well, my ipod nano died.
So i i went to the apple store to get it replaced, since it's new and it should work but it doesn't. My appointment with the guy at the "genuis bar" starts out fabulous. They can replace it. No charge! But.... they don't have any in stock. So i need to have one shipped. But they can only ship to the store. oh, and i'm in chicago.. and the nano will arrive "3-4 business days from now" when i'll be in NY. They can't have it sent to NY or Seattle. I have to call Apple Care. Because, apple clearly cares.

Well, I still need music.
I mean I HAVE TO RUN! I have a freaking triahtlon on the 15th of July and another on the 22nd and I have been a total lazy bones since I completed my first olympic tri earlier this month. So. I need NEED music. I mean if I had music, I'd be working out all the time right? It's the lack of music that's keeping me lazy. really. So. I left the apple store with a lime green ipod shuffle. I really had NO choice! Well, I considered the orange one (aka the little mandarin).

So now i'm downloading music to "Swish".
Swish is the name of my lime green shiny ipod shuffle. Music downloading hit a predictable snag: I'm on my PC. All my music is on my Mac. At home. In Seattle. Yep. So here I am. I need music. I have Swish. I download, repurchasing songs I have so already bought on iTunes -- but never transferred to my PC because, well who has the time to copy them to CD and reburn them here? i hate this DRM stuff. I hate transferring. I hate paperwork (yes, just for good measure i'm throwing that one in!)

Somehow, even with all this apple evil-ness, i'm still sorta thinking about those "june 29th: The wait is almost over" t-shirts all the apple employees were wearing at the store. i know. i know.